Prior to beginning an exercise program, your therapist will address your pain and swelling through a variety of manual techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and modalities. It is very important to restore the range of motion in the joint through gradual stretches and flexibility exercises. You will learn exercises aimed at improving muscular tone and function as well as gait and balance training to keep you safe when walking on all surfaces. Through ADL training (activities of daily living) you will learn proper techniques to be safe in and out of your home.


Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, there is a growing rate of sports injuries in children and adults that can be prevented with sensible training and proper exercises. Depending upon your athletic sport and level of activity, your therapist will design a comprehensive strengthening program and teach you safety techniques to avoid overuse injuries. It is our goal to protect you from developing irreversible damage to your bones and joints.


It is critical to protect your child's maturing skeletal system. Overuse injuries are often seen in adolescents who participate in sports that involve repetitive loading of their joints. From heavy backpacks to poor shoe wear, there are many reasons your child can develop postural misalignments and pain. You and your child will be educated and instructed in specific posture and core stability training while safely strengthening their extremities.


You don't have to live with back pain. Through a comprehensive combination of core and trunk stabilization, muscular strength training and postural education, back relief may be closer than you think.


During World War 1, Joseph Pilates treated his fellow internees who were sick and injured. He transformed hospital beds into resistive-type equipment to strengthen disabled patients. These designs became the benchmark apparatuses known as the Reformer and the Trapeze table. His principles of mind-body exercises teaches core strengthening which targets the deep muscles of the abdominal region and spine. Frequently used by professional dancers, Pilates improves body awareness while addressing flexibility and postural alignment.